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Make me ready for the future.

Economic understanding in vivid stories for children.


Book 1



What is money and why do we need it? Leo Snowpard discovers in his colorful animal world many practical concepts. He would like to have many things, for example, games, building blocks and sweets. He is just a normal child. With the endearing illustrations and lovely texts, Leo Snowpard discovers why he needs money in the first place and how much pleasure he gets from making his own money.

Book 3



In his colorful and diverse animal world, Leo Snowpard learns exciting and practical things. How did people get the items they needed a long time ago? What does this have to do with money? The children of this story deal with these questions. The lovingly written text and wonderful illustrations describe an eventful day with Leo Snowpard. Leo and his friends, together with their teacher, Ms. Smith, are organizing their own toy exchange in class and learn how difficult it is to do their own things, find a suitable exchange partner, and negotiate things together until everyone is satisfied. What experiences will Leo and his friends experience? Let us surprise you!

Book 2



Leo Snowpard discovers many practical things in his colorful animal world. This story recounts Leo's experiences with money. How difficult it is to make money and save money, but also how much pleasure it is to spend your own money on something you have long wanted. The lovely text and wonderful illustrations show that it is not easy for little Leo Snowpard to save money. Sometimes goals are a long way off and require a lot of perseverance. But in the end, the diligence pays off!


Book 4



Leo is a sensitive and empathic Snow leopard. In his colorful animal world, he is constantly proving this. In this story, Leo experiences that not all children have as many toys as he does. Leo’s friend Jacob has a difficult time. But his life is improved thanks to the gift from his friend Leo. The loving illustrations for this emotional story tell of this great gesture by Leo Snowpard. Leo discovers his new talent – art. He sells his works of art to raise funds to buy something for his friend Jacob. He can’t wait to fulfill Jacob's wish. What is Jacob’s wish and how does Leo fulfill it? You can learn in the story, Leo Snowpard and His First Donation.