Leo Snowpard is six years old and attends first grade. Leo likes his teacher, Mrs. Smith

very much. He is happy to have such an empathetic and patient teacher. His class is also

very harmonious. Leo is a very optimistic and curious child who uses his colorful wildlife to

discover his world. He is very inquisitive and tries to discover through his

creative way. His big role model is his sister Lilly. Leo thinks Lilly knows everything. Lilly

always stands by Leo’s side and spends time with Leo.


Lilly Snowpard is the intelligent and very emphatic big sister of Leo Snowpard. Lilly is

already twenty years old and works in the joint venture of her parents. She has always been purposeful and ambitious, and that is what she tries to teach to her younger brother.

Lilly is aware that she is Leo’s role model which makes her very proud. Lilly devotes a lot of time to her little brother and

tries, as much as possible, to turn his optimism and curiosity into valuable experiences.

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Leo Snowpard spends a lot of time with his classmate and his best friend Maya. Maya is also six years old and the two attend the first grade with Mrs. Smith as a class teacher.

Maya is very bright. She is also sometimes a bit naughty. With her cheeky and alert nature, she positively impresses and influences Leo. The two convey mutual trust and explore their environment with

curiosity and interest.

Leo's Parents

The parents of Leo Snowpard appreciate the people who accompany Leo on his life path.

Both work in their own company, and they do a lot to be good role models for Leo. The time they spend with Leo is valuable and precious. Family traditions are important to them and their weekends are reserved for planning activities with Leo. Both are very realistic and try to make Leo prepared for his future.

Ms. Smith

Leo's teacher Ms. Smith is introduced in the third story, Leo Snowpard And The Toy Exhchange Project. Ms. Smith is very nice and she manages to guide her class, providing to each of her students proper direction. She appreciates the creative ideas of her class and tries to give them her own answers to questions. Ms. Smith's students are allowed to experience their own experiences and economic understanding through jointly devised projects.


Leo’s classroom expands in the fourth story, Leo Snowpard And His First Donation with the addition of a new student. When Leo meets Jacob he is very curious about his new classmate.

Jacob is withdrawn and initially a bit reserved and shy. He quickly realizes that Leo really likes him and opens up to him. The two spend a lot of time together and have fun with their daily adventures.


Leo has a big family. His family also spends a lot of time with his aunt Tanja who we meet in Leo Snowpard And His First Donation. Tanja is the sister of Leo’s dad and is often comes to visit. Sometimes, Leo also visits his aunt. His aunt has no children and loves to spend time with Leo. She always likes to support his ideas.

More Friends in Leo's World: