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Melanie Roemer


Melanie Roemer was born in the Vulkaneifel in Germany and grew up there together with her family. Her family shaped her very much in terms of her career choice. Her mother is an educator and her father is a cinema operator, which is why Melanie Roemer learned early on to take on responsibility in her own family business.


In 2014 she studied in the program, "Education in Childhood and Youth" in Wiesbaden. With this Bachelor Degree she achieved the qualification of social pedagogue. Her occupational roles so far have included working in inpatient youth welfare services, as well as in a kindergarten and open child and youth work. Through these practical experiences with children and adolescents, the topic of the economic understanding of children became more and more present.


Within this background and practice, the children's book stories were created for Leo Snowpard.

Jun-Pierre Shiozawa


Photo: John D.C. Masters

 Jun-Pierre Shiozawa is an artist, teacher and  illustrator of stories for children.

The son of a Japanese and French parents he was born and raised in the Unites States and received a BFA in art from the University of Minnesota. After graduating Jun-Pierre focused on painting and held exhibitions in Paris, Tokyo and Greece where he became a teacher of drawing of painting at the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts in Paros, Greece.

Jun-Pierre currently resides in Nice, France with his wife Dora where he works as an artist, illustrator and workshop leader.

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