Prepare me For My Future

We as parents are worried about the future of our children. What will the growing global crises demand from children? How can children be prepared for the challenges they face? How can your child become a successful entrepreneur or employee? What contribution must it make to the future viability of global society? Etc.


In order to prepare our children for their future, it is sometimes important to strengthen their economic understanding in early childhood.

The Reason For


Children's Economic Understanding

Younger children, in particular, have very little idea about where their parents' money comes from. Although most children at the beginning of elementary school know that their parents' work is connected to pay they often believe the money comes from the bank. With the observation of direct payment procedures, it is difficult for some children to understand the "exchange process with money" and the associated challenges.


In order to understand what is happening, different subsystems have to be linked, namely, that goods are exchanged for money as well as work for money.

Our Support

For the purpose of developing the economic understanding of children in early childhood, we have designed daily, entertaining children's lectures, through which we give your children their first education in economics. In the stories we are leaning on the thoughts of Mrs. Freya Pausewang (2012). Our children are very receptive in their early years. They deal with the world in which they find themselves with a pleasure for learning. They are determined to expand their abilities and are attracted by hurdles. However, if children are not encouraged to overcome these barriers or if the hurdles are taken away too quickly, their natural eagerness may disapate.  The leading role in the stories is our dear friend Leo Snowpard - the little snow leopard.

Leo Snowpard

Leo Snowpard is just like all the little children in this world. He has many qualities which are cultivated and promoted by his family, friends and his environment. Leo is optimistic and firmly believes in his own abilities. The snow leopard has a strong self-confidence and courage to implement his ideas. Leo Snowpard is curious and inquisitive, exploring with pleasure his colorful animal world. Through his experience, Leo learns to deal with misbehavior and how to learn from his mistakes. All these are important characteristics that must be continually strengthened in order to be prepared for the future.